Professional Features Program

There is another feature of the International Association for Professional Certification. The association considers professionals in each industry, and their professional technology has its own unique characteristics. In order to allow these valuable professional technologies to be internationally certified, they will be promoted. With full support, the association has specially set up the "Professional Features Program (PFP)" certification service.

For the above-mentioned "Professional Features Program", after applying and obtaining the certification and authorization of the association, your course can be issued with the international certificate of the association, which increases the gold content of the course.

For example, an aromatherapist's professional skills in aromatherapy have different characteristics from traditional aromatherapy. The aromatherapist can design the course name and qualification name by himself(herself) and apply to open a "Professional Features Program" in the association. After being approved by the Association, you can become the founder of the course and obtain the qualification of a lifetime achievement lecturer for the course. You can issue an international certificate for your course to the students who have completed the course training.

We fully respect the profession of the trainer

The teaching of all technologies will eventually be implemented in the course arrangement. The certification qualification granted by the trainer through the course is also a necessary process for the inheritance of the technology. Therefore, we will check whether the course content can be fully taught through the course arrangement and whether the learner can achieve the required learning through the course, to certify the course and award the certificate of the IAPC. For the content of technology itself, it involves the field of professional technology. We fully respect the profession of the instructor. As long as the content is legal and does not violate social common sense, we will respect it and it is not within the scope of our review.



How to apply for the Professional Features Program

1.Please fill in the application form first.

2.We will send you the "IAPC Professional Features Program Application Form and Founder's Information Sheet" file (including course introduction, course characteristics, syllabus, lesson plans, training time, etc.) and related instructions.

3.Please fill it out and send it back to us and complete the payment of the "Registration Authorization Fee". Each item is USD1,300 (a one-time fee, not an annual payment). (During the promotion period, the "application review fee" is free.)

4.After the application is approved, we will notify you immediately. About 7-10 days, you can receive your

A. Professional Features Program founder certificate (lifetime qualification),

B. Level 7 (Lifetime Achievement Level) trainer certificate (Lifetime Qualification) and

C. Level 7 (Lifetime Achievement Level) membership certificate (one year).

At this point, you can start to set up international certification courses as "Professional Features Program Founder of the International Association for Professional Certification" and "Lifetime Achievement Trainer", to train your students and issue the Association's international certificate.

If the application is not approved for the first time, we will assist you in revising the application materials and submit a review again until it is approved. If the application is still not approved, we will refund the "Registration Authorization Fee" in full immediately.

The certificate of the association adopts a seven-level system, divided as follows:

Level 1 Basic Level

Level 2 Standard Level

Level 3 Advanced Level

Level 4 Senior Level

Level 5 Consultant Level

Level 6 Master Level

Level 7 Lifetime Achievement Level

You can give different levels of certificates according to the different levels of the courses, including qualification certificates and membership certificates. The qualification certificates have the student’s English name, number, date and trainer (institution) signature column)




The first brand of comprehensive professional certification of body, mind and soul

After more than ten years of hard work, the International Association for Professional Certification has become the first brand of comprehensive professional certification of body, mind and soul. Since the launch of the "Professional Features Program" certification service, it has been welcomed by professionals. Many IAPC-certified trainers have issued IAPC international certificates all over the world, and they have multiplied their careers and become famous. Grandmaster, we sincerely look forward to your joining us to create an infinite future with each other! For details, please write to us.