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       IAPC provides professional training, testing and certification in hopes that professionals, through our services, acquire better development and deserved recognition. The professional services that IAPC provides are numerous. Among these services, what makes IAPC stand out is the fact that IAPC provides not only the mainstream professionalism in the contemporary era, such as management, finance and so on, but also alternative one, such as mind-body techniques, folk medicine and fortune telling etc. We devote ourselves to provide omnibearing international certificates for mind-body professionals.
       On one hand, IAPC accepts various application for certification in various professional fields and techniques, including folk medicines and natural therapies. As long as thorough theories are provided and approved by IAPC committee, it could be included in professional certification of IAPC.
       On the other hand, considering that each professional of any industry has unique feature of their professions, the professional is able to design the name of course and qualification and apply to set up the course of personal professional features from IAPC upon the approval from IAPC committee.
       In addition, "Equivalent Qualification Application" is also feasible. With equivalent qualification, any professional can apply for a certificate for equivalent qualification.
       As detailed in the 7-Levels Professional Qualification Certification System, the certification system of IAPC is ranked the professional qualifications in 7 levels according o the technique maturity and experiences. This webpage discloses partial professional qualification certification. Each professional qualification certification is further divided into 7 levels. Should your professionalism is not included, feel free to contact us !

Qualification Certificate Inquiry

Certified International Certified International NLP Practitioner
Certified International NLP Master Practitioner
Certified International NLP Trainer
Certified International Ayurveda Massage Therapist
Certified International Yoga Teacher
Certified International Aromatherapist
Certified International Tarot Reader
Certified International Hypnosis Instructor
Certified International Hypnotherapist
Certified International Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified International Medical Hypnotherapist
Certified International Gestalt Therapist
Certified International Painting Therapist
Certified International Pet Communicator
Certified International Body Mind and Spirit Integrated Medicine Practitioner
Certified International Instructor of Body Mind and Spirit Integrated Medicine Practitioner
Certified International Psychic Sound Nature Therapy Practitioner
Certified International Body Mind and Spirit Integrated Medicine Practitioner
Certified International New Style Spiritual Communication Hypnotherapy Instructor
Certified International Drawing Psychology Analyst
Certified International Trainer of Drawing Psychology Analyst
Certified International Integrated Hypnotherapist in Childbirth
Certified International Integrated COACH
Certified International Instructor of Integrated COACH
Certified International Female Breasts Consultant
Certified Instructor of International Female Breasts Consultant Program
Certified International Digital Diviner of Human Digital Gene Cryptography
Certified International Instructor of Human Digital Gene Cryptography
Certified International Caregiver of Entirety Postpartum Conditioning
Certified Instructor of International Caregiver of Entirety Postpartum Conditioning Program
Certified International Rational Emotive Behavior Therapist
Certified International Guided Empathy Meridian Tapping Practitioner
Certified International Holistic Alchemist of body mind Spirit
Certified International Children's Emotional and Behavior Education Management Practitioner

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